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Revitalize Your Body and Spirit Through Detoxification and Anti-Aging Techniques
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Isis Medica is dedicated to revitalizing the human body and spirit. Rooted in detoxification and environmental medicine we provide anti-aging and detoxification programs for rejuvenation of the body, mind and spirit.

Clients will enjoy space age technology treatments for cellular repair and reversal of many environmental effects of the skin and body. Daily we are exposed to pollution, stress, sun, junk food and chemicals which take a toll on the body’s balance and ability to recover. The accumulation of these toxins are seen in our skin, hair, joints, muscles and brain.

Look Younger

Enjoy More Energy

Improve Your Sex Life

Be Free of Aches and Pains

Better Memory and Concentration

Achieve A Glowing Complexion

Dr. Suzann Wang
Dr. Suzann Wang and team have many years of experience treating chronic illnesses and disease through natural methods of healing. Her goal is to help her patients to reverse illness and to prevent or slow further degeneration. Her work in environmental medicine and chronic illness has allowed her to develop these programs that we use at Isis Medica for enhancing the vibrancy of the person both inside and out.

Look and Feel Your Best
Look and feel better from the inside out. Recover from illness and pain more quickly than you ever thought possible. Sleep more deeply, wake refreshed. Improve your outlook on life and awaken your brain. We combine diet, acupressure stimulation, cellular rejuvenation, detoxification, herbs and vitamins to help bring your body and skin to optimal health.

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